Integrating Technology With Life

Whole House Audio

This has been one of our fastest growing categories.  Today, more than ever, people want to enjoy listening to music in the comfort of their own home.  Whether it's one room or the entire house, Multi-Room Audio is one of the most enjoyable upgrades that can be added to a home.  Because this category is growing so quickly, there are several options to choose from.



Here are a few examples:


Single Source/Multi-Zone:  One source of music, ie: Satellite Radio, can be listened to in certain rooms in the house.  Each room can control the power and volume of the speakers, but every room listens to the same music.



Multi-Source/Multi-Zone:  Several sources of music can be selected in different rooms throughout the house at the same time.  For example, while the wife is in the kitchen listening to her iTunes music, the husband is out on the deck listening to internet radio, and the kid's are in the basement with their friends listening to their iPod.  All this is being controlled from one amplifier.

There are also different ways to control the music, volume and power.  Some of the more popular choices are: Ipad, tablet, smart phone, wireless handheld remote control and/or in-wall mounted keypads.



















iPad or Tablet











wireless control

Here is a list of the most common areas of the home that audio can be added to:


 1- Family/Great Room
 2- Dining Room
 3- Living Room
 4- Kitchen
 5- Den/Office
 6- Play Room
 7- Basement
 8- Master Bedroom
 9- Master Bathroom
10- Deck
11- Garage
12- Back/Front Yard

Let us set the mood for your Saturday night dinner party.  Or, let us kick off your backyard 4th of July pool party.  Whatever the occasion, Soundsensational can add the right touch for all your audio needs.  Contact us and let us tell you more.